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  • There are many great resources available for kids to gain knowledge of environmental issues.  Youth-based environmental organizations are growing throughout the United States and they are able to inspire kids to do their part for a clean environment while having fun! Below are links to some great websites that will provide information and games for kids in an entertaining and productive way.
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Fun Facts

  • A bus with as few people as seven passengers is more fuel efficient than the average single occupant auto used for commuting.

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    Lawn and garden equipment users unknowingly add to the problem by spilling 17 million gallons of fuel each year while refilling their outdoor power equipment.

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    The energy and resources needed to build one medium-sized car could produce 100 bicycles.

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    The U.S. uses about half of the world's gasoline.

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    Most cars on the road carry only one person. In fact, we have so much extra room in just 140 million cars that everyone in Western Europe could fit in them with us.

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