OKI’s Regional Clean Air Program provides valuable information to the community, businesses and the media regarding air quality topics through the “do your share for cleaner air” campaign. OKI is committed to spreading the clean air message by educating people of the harmful effects of ozone and particulate matter pollution, while also teaching how they can reduce air pollution.

The clean air message continued to be advertised to the public through television ads with a smaller amount of ads running on radio and print.  The program continued to secure a significant amount of value added support, far exceeding the required local match.

Smog Alert Days

On Smog Alert Days, however, the focus is warning the public that a given days' air quality is expected to be unhealthy for some individuals. On those days, we can all do our share to keep our air safe. Riding a bike or rollerblading instead of driving , for example. Remember it all adds up to Cleaner Air.

Why Should we Do Our Share?

Because clean air is good for our health and our environment – it's also beneficial for our bottom line. By reducing emissions and maintaining clean air, The Greater Cincinnati Region can avoid federal designations that convey a perception of decreased livability and create a negative economic impact. That's why it's important for all of us to work together to reduce air pollutants including fine particulate matter and ozone.

If you have asthma or are affected by air pollutants, visit the Air Quality Index website. And be sure to add 317.327.4AIR to your contacts list. It's your hotline for daily ozone information that will help you plan your day appropriately.

For more information on Air Quality please visit the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency’s website.  http://www.southwestohioair.org/

Household Survey

A household survey was conducted in the fall of 2010 to measure the public’s awareness of air quality issues and the effectiveness of the clean air advertising campaign.  The information gathered from the survey will be used in determining the outreach activities of the campaign in future years.

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